Looking for the safest and fastest solution for checking the Covid19 3G rule.
Here she is!

To combat the pandemic, Europe is relying on the 3G rule. Vaccinated, tested, recovered. On this basis, the "green passport" should become an official certificate to restore the free movement of people between the member states of the European Union. Since there will be several competitors for this instrument, the HYPERSAFE solution is an alternative with unbeatable advantages.

3G status upon entering

HYPERSAFE offers two ways to check the 3G status
+ DISPLAY OF 3G STATUS (visual control)
+ SCAN A QR CODE upon entry or at the table (electronic control with registration)

For the USER and OPERATOR, HYPERSAFE is the simplest and most cost-effective solution imaginable.

Intelligent 3G status 

With HYPERSAFE you immediately have a verified and forgery-proof status display. A query to the epidemological register is automatically started with a scan, refresh or when the application is started. Anonymous, fast and GDPR compliant. Everywhere and everytime. The operator does NOT have to be registered for the visual inspection. When the QR code is scanned with the camera, the register is queried and the USER is automatically registered with the registered OPERATOR. The registration expires automatically after the expiry date. If a guest / customer / participant tests positive within the 10 days, a message is automatically sent to all K1 people at risk.


After vaccination, the USER scans the QR code of the vaccination and the QR code of the vaccination center. Vaccine, batch, doctor, place and time are registered and can be automatically forwarded to the vaccination register.


After the quarantine protection period has expired or the doctor has determined, the status recovered is set by scanning the QR code on the doctor's confirmation and the doctor's QR code. This can be requested from the USER at any time.


When testing, the QR code of the test, the QR code of the test center and a photo of the test result are scanned in and stored in encrypted form. Validity period and verification at any time are determined automatically.

Anytime, anywhere test 3G Status 

With HYPERSAFE, checking and displaying is possible in one application and from any smartphone and does not require any personal data. No special equipment is required. Personal data can only be collected in the event of misuse, with legal legalization. Since different background programs can be started with each scan with Hypersafe, an additional button can also be used to display the electronic admission ticket or other tickets.


With REFRESH, a query is made in the epidemological database, so the result is verified and current at all times. Abuse is excluded. After every official negative test, the user immediately has the result on his smartphone.


With electronic testing, several functions can be carried out simultaneously with one scan. Identity check, 3G status check, automatic contact tracing. This relieves the OPERATOR, accelerates the processes and is absolutely safe.


During the identity check, the profile picture stored with the user is displayed for a manual identity check. If you scan the QR code on your smartphone with HYPERSAFE, all processes run automatically. So easy!

One app for all areas of application

The fascination of the Hypersafe solution lies in the almost infinite application solutions. You can order and pay in the restaurant with just one app, buy tickets for theaters, events, museums and public transport, use the same app for access control, digital ID cards, company ID or for shopping in online shops, etc. Such an app is then also used by countless users every day.

With just one click, the 3G control is always with you.
Simple as it gets!

Your customers, our customers

So easy for OPERATORS

# Register with HYPERSAFE
# Configure the interface
# Set up payment system
# Generate table stands, print

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